BEST PILOTS – Bob Sweeney 1/5 Fighter Pilot Figure PAINTED


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BEST PILOTS – Bob Sweeney 1/5 Fighter Pilot Figure PAINTED

FULLY DETAILED HAND Painted Bob Sweeney Fighter Pilot figures are $229 each plus shipping

Best pilot sample

MUSEUM QUALITY – This pilot figure is on display at the Spirit of Flight Center in Erie, Colorado! Our Bob is piloting the 1/5 scale P-51 “Saucy Shirley” in tribute to WWII fighter ace, Bill Getz.


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Robert “Bob” Sweeney served as a fighter pilot in the 79th Fighter Group, of the 12 Mediterranean Air Force in Italy during 1944-45. He started his combat career flying P-40s and quickly transitioned to the P-47D. All of his combat missions were the most dangerous – ground attack – which Bob and the P-47 excelled. He flew 62 combat missions and was awarded two Air Medals. He then returned to Salisbury, Missouri and resumed a successful business career and raised a family. He tried civilian flying after the war, but found it just didn’t measure up to roaring through the skies in the P-47. Bob is now 91 years young, playing golf and occasionally driving his immaculate Stingray Corvette – once a fighter pilot, always a fighter pilot! 

The REAL Bob Sweeney 

 In P-51  In P-47

NOTE: The Bob Sweeney figure is FULL-FIGURED down to his army boots.

“They issued us flying boots, but most of us wore regular G.I. combat boots because they would stay on your feet if you had the bail out. The flying boots would pop off when the chute jerked open.” – Bob Sweeney


PLEASE NOTE: Since cockpits in all models vary greatly, Best Pilots can not guarantee that our Pilots will fit EXACTLY in your model without some trimming either to the pilot or to the cockpit. If some of the pilot has to be trimmed away, Best Pilots was glad to provide you with more pilot than you needed!

What customers are saying about the Bob Sweeney Fighter Pilot figure:



  I usually dont like to buy things pre-made or something that someone else completes..this pilot exceeded my expectations, and the quality of work and craftsmanship is beyond that of my model…really looks great.

  Thanks again, it was a pleasure dealing with you, and I cant wait to get to the point where Im complete enough to take some photos for you..

Thanks again..Looks Awesome!

– Pat S., Hoboken N.J.


Your product is super. I can’t wait to finish painting it. The pilot will be on the Mustang this summer.
 – Vong D., Coon Rapids, MN

Great pilot ,… the detail is excellent!

– Lou D., Denver, PA


Just wanted to thank you for my Bob Sweeney painted pilot figure.  It looks fantastic in my Aero Works P-51.  Thank you again!!

– Russell S., Tustin, CA


I received my “Bob Sweeney” last Friday.  Easily one of the nicest pilot figures on the market today.
As for feedback regarding a new product, I like that the head is positionable. The level of detail is excellent and should show nicely when painted. I like the feel of the material it is cast in.  The weight is good, but I do see a couple of spots along harness lines on the back where the resin seems pretty thin. You may want to use just a smidge more resin. Last, I appreciate the little detail things like Bob’s signature on the bottom, the packaging of the figure, and the quality shipping box and 
packing material.  It gives that extra feel that you have bought a quality product.
Thanks for bringing this pilot figure to the market.
– Jay W., CA


G’day Lyle, I received Bob in the post about a week and a half ago. I’m really impressed with the quality of both the molding and the painting. You have done a fantastic job on creating a realistic pilot for bigger war birds. I have been looking around for quite a while for a nice pilot to put in this plane and am very impressed with the quality of Bob!!
Thanks again for your great service and I have a couple of mates who are also into warbirds that will probably be putting in orders in the next few months. When I finally get the model together I’ll send you a few pics.

– Mike J.,  Australia

Received pilot today, absolutely the best pilot I have found and I have 60 flight ready planes.  The detail is extraordinary.  Hopefully one day you will have German, British, and Japanese available, if so you have me for a customer, I will tell all my friends who fly big war birds about this pilot figure.

– Dennis S., MO



I received my pilot yesterday and after looking at it and admiring it. I can honestly say that it is the best representation of any war bird pilot I have ever seen. They are worth every penny and some. Great job for BEST PILOTS. – Bob M., North Port, FL


 Been painting on and off on my Bob Sweeney pilot fiugure and shoud have him done in a few days.  Will send you a picture or two as I can see he is going to turn out really well.  I will be very proud to put him in my Yellow P-47 Razorback.  You do incredible work and the surface detail and textures make him actually quite easy to paint realistically. – John B., North St.Paul, MN


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BEST PILOTS - Bob Sweeney 1/5 Fighter Pilot Figure PAINTED