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FULLY HAND PAINTED  Pappy Boyington Fighter Pilot figures are $229 each plus shipping


Pappy in Frank Harris’ TOP GUN F4F Wildcat




Pappy in the Top Flite Giant ARF Corsair

Pappy fits great in the Top Flite Gaint Scale ARF Corsair!

Greg “Pappy” Boyington  was one of the most colorful characters to come out of World War II and every since the 1970’s TV show Baa Baa Black Sheep, he has been a hero of mine. His tough, hard-living unorthodox way of life seems to speak to a part of the American character… the flawed hero.

A US Marine Corp officer, recipient of the Medal of Honor, Flying Tiger, Commander of VMF-214 “The Black Sheep Squadron”, survived being a POW of the Japanese, the only fighter pilot to be portrayed in a prime-time TV show. If there was ever a fight, Pappy was one you wanted on your side.








This pilot figure is FULL FIGURED right down to his laced 1940’s officer shoes.

PLEASE NOTE: Since cockpits in all models vary greatly, Best Pilots can not guarantee that our Pilots will fit EXACTLY in your model without some trimming either to the pilot or to the cockpit. If some of the pilot has to be trimmed away, Best Pilots was glad to provide you with more pilot than you needed!

 What customers are saying about the Pappy Boyington Fighter Pilot figure:

“I wanted to call you personally and tell you that this pilot figure belongs in a museum! It is a perfect fit in my Ziroli Corsair. If my plane happens to crash and the pilot figure survives, I’ll be happy.”  – Peter Miller, TOP GUN competitor, Florida.

Yarrish Corsair

Pappy in Gerry Yarish’s Top Flite Giant ARF

“Yippee! Wow Lyle!  I am speechless! Many thanks!”  Gerry Yarrish of Model Airplane News

Can’t tell you how pleased I am of Pappy, thank you for a GREAT product. As soon as anyone takes a look at him they start thinking,,,,,what can I put one in? I, like many, are not rich but when you pay for something expecting what is advertized, so many times one is disappointed. Not this time, money well spent. Thank you again. –  Don Hofeldt 

All I can say is this is the coolest pilot I have ever had or seen! Pappy will be going in a 5th scale”Wildcat”, the one Pappy flew before the Corsair arrived. We are going to Top Gun in April with it.– Frank Harris, TOP GUN competitor, California

I received Pappy yesterday and was very impressed with the level of detail in the sculpture. I took it to a swap meet today and showed it to some of my buddies. They were equally impressed. No one who purchases one of these will be disappointed. – Doug Blakeman, Kentucky
HALLUCINANT!! Amazing Lyle!! That’ s for sure the best scale pilot on the market today and, for a very long time. Many, many thanks for producing this “Pappy”. You know, I’ m a very difficult boy to satisfy as for the quality and scale accuracy. This pilot is perfect! Task for me to build a Corsair of this level, the one that this figure deserves!
You got me as a faithful customer Lyle. And that won’ t be long to another order.
Keep on this way, I love your work. Best Regards, – Christophe Nicou, France


Please be informed that fleet pilot Capt. Pappy Boyington has been safe arrived Hong Kong at last night.  


Many thank you for you to product this very nice pilot!



Best regards  

Kwong, Hong Kong




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