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Bomber Captain Painted Full Body – by BEST PILOTS

This is the perfect compliment to your ESM 95″ B-25 or Ziroli B-25 Model or similar sized C-47 , or Warbird.

This figure comes Professionally PAINTED.  Photos show painted figure as it ships.  Last photos show what it can look like inside the cockpit of our ESM 95″ B-25!

ESM 95″ B-25 by Jon Seese features the scale cockpit kit and the full body B-25 Pilot and Crew figures!

PLEASE NOTE: Since cockpits in all models vary greatly, Best Pilots can not guarantee that our Pilots will fit EXACTLY in your model without some trimming either to the pilot or to the cockpit. If some of the pilot has to be trimmed away, Best Pilots was glad to provide more pilot than you needed!


  • Height: 8” standing
  • Width: 3”
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces



  • Unpainted Full-Body bomber crew figures are $65 each plus shipping
  • Painted Full-Body bomber crew figures are $125 each plus shipping
  • Unpainted Torso-only bomber crew figures are $45 each plus shipping
  • Painted Torso-only bomber crew figures are $100 each plus shipping



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Bomber Captain Painted Full Body - BEST PILOTS