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Electronic Brake Valve (Mini Hobby) 

This electronic pneumatic brake valve is fully proportional, designed to work well with all pneumatic wheel brakes for scale and sport R/C Planes. Designed to plug into an auxillary proportional channel or can be plugged into the elevator channel and program the valve to down elevator movement. See instruction for complete installation and operation.



MHBRAKE is a microprocessor device capable to handle the proportional wheel brakes for scale and sport R/C PLANES, also designed to work with all standard air systems. This device comes in a small package and no leaks.

Modes of Operation

1- Auto Program Mode: this mode, it is only required one time, during the first installation, the unit automatically selects the off and on valve position in relation with your TX channel ‘knob or stick to be used, ATV travel adjustment is not necessary.

2- Run Mode: in this mode the unit is in Normal Operation, in this mode the unit receives information of the gear position and will not work when the gear is up, to save air if you used Elevator -Down to apply The Brakes. Note: you can leave the gear input to the unit, not connected, if you don’t want this feature.

Controls Description:
1) A Push s/w, (see fig #1).
To select the unit in to the program mode to record the information automatically 2) LED
A) In Program Mode:
The LED’s are used to indicated when the information has been recorded
B) In Run Mode:
The LED will show the operation of the valve open = light on.


• Physical installation:

To install the MHBRAKE find an accessible place with a Velcro and connect the unit as follows:

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• Electrical installation:

Connect the male plug with the white strip to the desired receiver channel or to the Elevator channel

Connect the other male plug to the receiver gear channel with an (optional) “Y” extension.

For order the “Y” extensions, MINI HOBBY part # MHYJ for JR and MHYF for Futaba.

• Pneumatic installation:

Follow your pneumatic brake installation of your model and connect the air supply to valve port (in) and the brakes to port (out) see fig #1, we supply two very tight reducers to 1/16 tubing if they are required.


Program Mode:
Be sure that all your pneumatic and electrical brake installation is completed.

  1. TXgearswitch(ifused)ingeardownposition.
  2. TurnonTX,havebrakecontrolstickorleverinoffposition
  3. Pushandholdprograms/wandturnonRX
  4. Release program s/w. the light will blink 10 times.
  5. When light stops blinking, move brake control lever or stick to full on (desire position) and hold.
  6. Thelightwillblink10times.
  7. Whenthelightstopsblinking,programmingiscompletedandstored in memory. That is it.
  8. Aftera2-secdelay,thebrakesshouldoperatenormally.


Move the knob, or lever, or stick from brake off to full brake and back to brake off, confirm the proper and proportional braking application.

Congratulations, Settings and Tests are completed.
If you have any additional question, please call MINI HOBBY ATL, INC. Designed by RFD & ATL.

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