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EME 120CC Twin Gas Engine

***Now with EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery) and Walbro Carb***

LEGEND HOBBY is proud to offer a powerful and reliable engine alternative for the 110-120cc and larger class of Warbirds & “TARGET” aircraft (extras, edge, etc).  This engine has been flown extensively and this engine is not only reliable it is NOT finicky to tune. With the EME 120 twin boxer engine you can spend more time flying sorties hunting down the enemy and less time tuning. The EME 120cc incorporates 100% reliable parts, uses EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery), and bearings made in Japan (not a copy). Accessory parts such as mufflers for the popular DLE / DL lines will fit with no modifications. EME engines are produced with modern CNC and casting production methods. This 120cc gas powerhouse is compact but powerful.  The EME 120 is worth a try to bring new life to an old favorite Warbird or for your next project!  Don’t be a TARGET,,, FLY A WARBIRD with a POWERFUL EME !!!

Great features of the EME 120

Walbro Carb

Ceramic coated cylinders

NSK main bearings

IKO rod bearings

EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery)

Includes Free NGK CM6 Plugs

Only 250mm Plug Cap to Plug Cap

Similar foot print as DLE111

Prop bolt pattern is the same as DLE 111

18 Month warranty serviced right here in the USA.

Our customers also receive cost plus 10% for parts that would be non warranty such as crashes.


Displacement: 120 cc
Weight: 5.97 lb. with Mufflers & Ignition 
Engine -5.3lb (2400g), Muffler – .35lb (160g), Ignition – .3lb (160g)
RPM Range: 1,100-7,200
Output: 12.2 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Requires: unleaded gasoline (91~93 octane), oil (35:1), ignition battery (6.6v – 7.4vv) & propeller
Includes: electronic ignition, muffler, spark plug, gasket, bolts, machined aluminum standoffs
Suggested Propellers: 27×10, 28×10, 28×12, 29×10 (3-blade: 27×12) – Prop bolt pattern is the same as DLE 111

Technical Data:
Ignition: Modern ignition uses 6.6v-7.4v
Compression Ratio: 7.6:1
Gas/Oil Mix: 30:1 ~ 35:1
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6 or equivalent

Carb: Walbro WJ71

271mm plug to plug about 285 cap to cap

Ignition: EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery)

Carb: Walbro


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