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EME 60CC Gas Engine 



***Now with EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery) and Walbro Carb  and Free NGK CM6 Plug***

 You will love having electric start feature on your Warbird or Sport Plane. No more flipping a prop. Simply assign it to a switch and start your motor with the push of a butting/flip of a switch. Drive gear incorporates a one way bearing so power is not transferred back to the motor. 

LEGEND HOBBY is proud to offer a powerful and reliable engine alternative for the 60CC class of Warbirds & “TARGET” aircraft (extras, edge, etc).  This engine has been flown extensively and this engine is not only reliable it is NOT finicky to tune. With the EME 60CC you can spend more time flying sorties hunting down the enemy and less time tuning. The EME 60cc incorporates 100% reliable parts, uses EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery), and bearings made in Japan (not a copy). Accessory parts such as mufflers for the popular DLE / DL lines will fit with no modifications. EME engines are produced with modern CNC and casting production methods. This 60cc gas powerhouse is slightly lighter than other 60’s in its class.  EME60 weighs only 1710 grams including the muffle and ignition, that is just slightly more then a DLE55.  The EME 60 is worth a try to bring new life to an old favorite Warbird or for your next project!  Don’t be a TARGET,,, FLY A WARBIRD with a POWERFUL EME !!!

Like the rest of the EME line, the factory pays close attention to timing on this motor, resulting in noticeably better running and smooth operation. EME has recognized the short comings of other engine lines and really stepped up quality. For example, a genuine Walbro carb is utilized not a copy. When you look at other popular engines in this class they use a walbro-copy (not the same).  Make sure to check out some of the subtle but effective nuances incorporated into this engine.  EME includes a longer throttle arm on the carb resulting in smother operation and saves on servo wear and tear.  The mount design allows for shorter stand off’s resulting in less vibration.  Even the packing material was considered.  No more blowing foam out of the cylinder and wondering of you got it all out. Are you aware of the reed block mod on the popular engines, to get smooth air in to the engine? EME is and they designed the reed block in a manner to allow smooth clean air flow for maximum performance.  EME is truly the NEW BREED of PERFORMANCE WARBIRD ENGINES!

To make installation and operation of the AUTO START UNIT simple, we recommend using the EME AUTO START CONTROLLER.

100 Amp Controller / Electric Switch for Auto Starter 

Includes XT90 Plugs

This is the new controller (more stable on 3-cell). Now with a case and LED power indicator. 46g, Pulse Width 1.2-1.4MS, 7.2 – 15V / 100Amp Max

We suggest 2 or 3-cell Lipo

No Instructions Included

EME 60 Specifications:
Displacement: 60 cc 
Weight: 3.7 lb. (1710g) Engine – 3.06lb (1390g), Muffler – .39lb (180g), Ignition – .3lb (140g)
RPM Range: 1,350-7,500
Output: 6.2 hp @ 7,200 rpm
Requires: unleaded gasoline, oil, 2S ignition battery & propeller
Includes: electronic ignition, muffler, spark plug, gasket, bolts, machined aluminum standoffs
Suggested Propellers: 23×10, 24×8, 24×10 (3-blade: 21×12, 22×10) – Same prop bolt pattern as the DLE55

Technical Data:
Ignition Battery: 7.4-8.4V (2S Lipo)
Compression Ratio: 7.6:1
Gas/Oil Mix: 30:1 ~ 35:1
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6 or equivalent

Ignition: EME Electronic Ignition DC 7.4-8.4V (recommend a 2s Battery)

Carb: Walbro

Auto Starter Specs add the following to the regular Gas Engine Specs above:

Total Weight – 19oz. (560g)

550 Brushed Motor

 – Input 3-15V 

 – We recommend the optional controller for ease of use (requires a controller in addition to the engine with Auto Start Motor/gearbox).

Electric Controller is listed HERE! 


Electric Starter is available to be purchased separately to use on the DLE55, EME 55, DLA56, SE55, and EME 60.



18 Month Warranty – Serviced right here in the USA.

Warranty and Service Center with readily available spare parts here in the USA ! 


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