FIREPOWER R/C 1/7.5 "SIMULATED" Exploding 500lb Bomb


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FIREPOWER R/C 1/7.5 “SIMULATED” Exploding 500lb Bomb

Available at VQ WARBIRDS !
This 1/7.5 “SIMULATED” Exploding 500lb Bomb is Perfect for most TF , Hangar 9, Royal or similar sized P-51, P-47, Tempest, Typhoon Models and on other 1.20 70″ wingspan Models as a WWII Style Practice Bomb.

At last! An “exploding” droppable bomb is available again! These droppable bombs split open upon impact to disperse energy, as well as dispense an inert payload, such as powder, ash, paintballs… any safe, LIGHT medium. Payload is contained in a separately molded compartment that keeps the bomb balanced and within safe weight parameters, and positive magnetic latching action keeps the bomb securely together until the point of impact!

Another unique and exclusive feature of these FIREPOWER R/C vacuum-formed simulated “exploding” bombs is that the stabilizer fins are molded in! This makes assembly MUCH EASIER and results in A MUCH STRONGER BOMB, which is a great thing if you plan on dropping them often!!!

Although these bombs are tough, they are not indestructible and can be damaged if dropped onto concrete, very hard ground, or solid objects (you shouldn’t be doing that anyway)! These are for dropping onto grass only. Once again, these are 2 piece “exploding” bombs that split open upon impact. Kit includes only parts to assemble the bomb, nothing else is included. We highly recommend using with the FIREPOWER R/C UNIVERSAL PYLON or other FIREPOWER R/C PYLONS such as the P-47 pylon kits.

Designed using cutting edge CAD software, these 500lb Simulated Exploding Bombs were then produced from molds tooled with CAM (computer aided manufacturing) machinery to assure the best possible fit, shape, and symmetry. Use for decoration, or make them droppable… your choice. Mounting system not included (make your own mount or get a Firepower Pylon mount set).

Assembly and paint required Printed instructions with photos/diagrams included. This ordinance when use with the FIREPOWER R/C working Pylons will allow quick loading and unloading of ordnance on the ground WITHOUT turning on your radio.

  • This 500lb bomb will work with all current and future FIREPOWER R/C working pylons(available separately).
  • VERY accurate shape and molded in detail
  • Tough, lightweight construction won’t weigh your warbird down
  • You can release your Firepower R/C wing stores individually or together- your choice when used with FIREPOWER R/C system.
  • Includes an improved shape, detail, and toughness
  • Made of stronger, impact-resistant plastic that will withstand dropping
  • Keyed parts for perfect alignment and minimal seam work REQUIRES
  • 1/16th to 1/8th sheet aircraft ply for keels
  • 30 minute epoxy, CA glue, paint
  • Common hobby toolsThese “Simulated Expoding” 500lb style bombs are sold individually and come as a kit that is easily assembled and then painted by modeler. Paint, glue not included. Comes with instructions and parts/hardware needed to add this exciting product to your aircraft. NOTE: This can be installed on un-assembled ARFs or finished airplanes, and will also adapt to other similarly sized Warbirds with minimal modification. Recommended for Firepower R/C systems only.
    THe drop tanks, replica bombs and release systems are available for you to purchase as options so you can choose between different bombs & drop tank styles. Release mechanism must be purchased as it is not included. Assembly required. Time to complete: 1-2 hours depending on skill of modeler.



    Please remember to BE SAFE! You and you alone are responsible for safety. Can cause injury if misused. While flying your model & using your simulated ordnance, keep in mind that once an object is released from your model in flight, it becomes a projectile and is no longer under your control. Do not release anything from an R/C model unless all conditions are right for a safe drop. Only perform dropping operations in a wide open area and always announce your intentions to any bystanders/spectators/fellow pilots. Do not release over or near people, buildings, vehicles, power lines, other models, property, etc.


    It is up to the end user to determine if products are suitable and safe for their model and flying site, and to make the final judgment on operational safety and model airworthiness. User should adhere to AMA guidelines at all times. You get the point. Use a little common sense… enjoy the hobby, don’t jeopardize it.

    Buyers/ users agree to abide by the conditions above, and by purchasing or using these products buyers/users will accept all responsibility and liability of product use. VQ WARBIRDS, Firepower R/C, its employees, affiliates, and partners will not be held liable or accountable in any way for any mishap/accident involving this product due to improper assembly techniques, use, misuse, or abuse of these products. If user/ buyer cannot agree to these conditions, please return products to place of purchase in unused condition or discard.


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FIREPOWER R/C 1/7.5 "SIMULATED" Exploding 500lb Bomb