HENG LONG 1/16 T-90 Pro 6.0S Electronics IR


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HENG LONG 1/16 T-90 Pro

with 6.0S Electronics IR

This tank is the newest T90 Pro (new molds!) with not only steel gearboxes but also the latest electronics from HL, the 6.0S electronics system.

The 6.0S system offers a few advantages over the 6.0. These include the ability to turn on and off the lights from the transmitter, ability to swap between two driving modes, and support for other gearbox types like the PDSGB. The 6.0S system features 5 different sound sets built in, separate up and down elevation, and proportional throttle.

This tank also comes with both an airsoft AND infrared system built in and fires both at the same time. It also has a magnetic infrared mount on the top of the tank which is both smaller and more sensitive than the previous versions of receivers.

This tank comes equipped with steel gearboxes, metal caterpillar tracks, metal drive wheels, metal road wheels with rubber tires, and metal idler wheels instead of the plastic versions found on the normal tank. This tank also comes with an upgraded lithium battery and USB charger and is available as a desert tan weathered paint scheme.

*This T90 is also a new mold. The lower chassis on/off switch has been plugged and the tank is turned on from the rear of the tank. There is also a new smoke unit which has the pump and heating element separately wired to the motherboard. This is a new version and not widely distributed yet!*


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HENG LONG 1/16 T-90 Pro 6.0S Electronics IR