MATO ALL METAL PANZER III 1/16 – GREY – Ready To Run – Infrared Battle System

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$699.00$775.95 (-10%)


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PANZER III Brief History:
The Panzer III was developed following specifications released by Heinz Guderian. The Army Weapons Department drew up plans for the medium tank based on Guderian’s specifications, and manufacturers such as Daimler-Benz, MAN SE, Krupp AG, and Rheinmetall AG began producing prototypes.  The first model of the Panzer III was unveiled in May 1937 as Ausführung A. (Ausf. A), and two years later, mass production began.  For the first two and half years of World War II and before the advent of the Panzer IV, the Panzer III medium tank, officially known as the Panzerkampfwagen III, served as the main battle tank of the German forces.
The Panzer IIIs were among the first tanks to use torsion-bar suspensions. The Panzer III was built with a three-man turret, just like the British Vickers Medium tanks. This feature allowed complete concentration by the commander while executing tactics on the field, and thus the Panzer IIIs had a combat advantage–very few other tanks had three-man turrets.
Following their commissioning, Panzer IIIs were used extensively during the Second World War. They performed in the invasion of Poland, the Fall of France, Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of Kursk in the Soviet Union, and the North African campaigns. At the time of the Poland and French campaigns, they were the best medium tanks of the German Army.
During the North Africa Campaign, they faced the M3 Stuarts and Crusader cruisers of the Allied forces. The Panzer III could sufficiently engage these tanks, but fell short in capability against Matilda tanks and M3 Lee tanks. Following the losses and subsequent defeat of the German military at the Battle of Kursk, the Panzer IIIs were replaced by the more advanced Panzer IVs and were tasked with minor roles.
They were slowly retired from active duty and by the time the war ended, the last of them had been sent to German tank factories where their assault gun chassis were used to manufacture the most largely produced German tank destroyer and the most successful self-propelled guns of World War II, the stuG IIIs.
From its first mass production in 1939 to the last in 1943, about 5,775 Panzer III Ausf. As were produced, with 14 variants labeled A through N. The Ausf. N, the last of the Panzer IIIs, was designed for anti-infantry and backup roles. It was fitted with a 7.35 cm KwK 37 L/24 cannon, which early Panzer IVs used as their main armament.
Introducing the all-new Mato Metal Panzer III Tank. An item that is poised to redefine the R/C TANK hobby world with its exceptional all metal construction, museum like detail, full sound system, functioning suspension, interactive InfraRed Battle Capability and more!  Our VQ WARBIRDS EDITION features the Clark TK40 Board  (A VQ WARBIRDS.COM EXCLUSIVE UPGRADE) which is an upgrade over the stock TK22 board that MATO TANKS has historically used.  We are avid R/C Tank Enthusiasts and feel that the TK40 Board is superior and perfect for the WWII ERA R/C Infra Red Battle Tanks!
This work of art is made out of metal and this Tank was developed with every detail in mind.  Mato did their best to keep everything as scale  as the original.  Essentially you are purchasing a Panzer III Tank in a 1:16 Scale.  This version of the MATO Panzer III is ready to run. This means all you need to do is charge the tank battery and add batteries to your Transmitter for it to run. No modifications need to be made.  The Mato Metal Panzer III Tank comes with the 5:1 steel Gearboxes giving it immense power.
This tank can be a keepsake for you and your family, even passed on to the next generation with its outstanding quality. The authentic design of the tank was modelled after the original Panzer III with great care and precision.  The Mato Metal Panzer III Tank also comes with its own durable carrying case. This will make it easier for many of our customers to take it around with them to the park, local hobby store/show, or to a friends house.
1. Structure and Track Material: 100% metal construction2. Infrared recoil battle version

3. Full Sound/Function as described below

4. Size(including barrel):  14.37 x 7.28 x 7 inches / 36.5 x 18.5 x 18 cm

5. Weight approx 9.92 lbs / 4.5kgs (exclusive of remote controller and package)

Ready to Run InfraRed Battle Tank Version Features The 


  • -Two or more IR tanks will be able to battle each other utilizing the included Infrared Battle System
  • -Comes complete with Panzer III tank simulated sound: simulated engine start-up sound, engine idle and running sound, machine-gun sound, main gun sound, simulated sound action effects.
  • – Full scale RC function: Forward, reverse, left, right turn and spin; turret rotation and elevator; with lights
  • -Idler wheels are adjustable

Package Includes:

  • -Tank
  • – 2.4G 4 Channel Transmitter
  • – 7.4V 2600 Mah LI-PO Battery
  • – Battery Charger
  • – Instruction Manual
  • -Spare parts for tracks



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MATO ALL METAL PANZER III 1/16 - GREY - Ready To Run - Infrared Battle System

$699.00$775.95 (-10%)