RCGF 10cc SE Stinger


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NEW RCGF 10cc SE Stinger


NEW RCGF 10cc SE Stinger
Glow size casing, economical and powerful!
NEW ENGINE ,NEW DESIGN,More Powerful,Stronger material , More precision , More polishing!
Latest Design & Strong Power in a compact package!
The NEW 10cc RE is the latest design engine. The rear exhaust design allow it to fit

in more narrow cowl design aircraft, especially warbirds.
Strong Power gives you unprecedented flying experience.

RCGF 10cc SE -Stinger
Technical Details:

Type : 2 cycle piston valve type gasoline engine for airplane

Displacement (cc) : 10cc (.61 cu in)

Bore x Stroke (mm): 1.08 in (27.6mm)*0.67 in (17mm)

Carburetor : Walbro

Ignition : DC-CDI (Computer Controlled auto advance, electronic ignition system)

Power supply: 6-14V

SPARK PLUG: M8  1/4-32

Maximum Output : 1.9 hp @ 15000rpm

Requires: Gasoline, 2-cycle oil, ignition battery & propeller

speed rang : 2000-15000rpm

Gasoline-Version : Pre-mixed Fuel, 25-40 (Gasoline):1 (recommended : 30:1) (90% high otcane unleaded gasoline, Import gas into carbon fiber installations valves)

Lubrication Oil : 2 cycle engine oil

Propeller : 13*7 9800 rpm; 14*6 9000rpm (Standard Two leafs prop)

recommended props :13 x 6, 14 x6,13X8,13X7

recommended Airplane: 50 size plane,40 size plane

Cooling System : Air Cooled

RCGF Engine package Includes: electronic CDI ignition, muffler, spark plug, gaskets, bolts, throttle arm extension & manual.


Engine: 1.03 lb (468 g)

Muffler: 1.4 oz (40 g)

Ignition Module: 4.1 oz (115 g)

Total: Weight: 1.37 lb (623 g)

Technical Data:

Ignition Battery: 6-8.4NiCd or NiMH, 6.6V LiFe or 2S LiPo pack

Gasoline/Oil Mix: 30:1

Replacement Spark Plug: 1/4-32  or equivalent (M8)

Idle Speed: 2000 rpm/min

Static Thrust:

8.38 lb (3.8 kg) @ 328 ft (100 m) altitude

7.94 lb (3.6 kg) @ 5,900 ft (1800 m) altitude


Serviced right here in the USA.

Warranty and Service Center with readily available spare parts here in the USA ! 



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RCGF 10cc SE Stinger