ROBART Standard Deluxe Air Control Kit


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ROBART 188VRX Standard Deluxe Air Control Kit 

This complete air system is made in the USA by ROBART MFG. System is a great addition or upgrade air control kit for use with ESM, ASM, or other air operated retract systems. Instruction sheet shows how to connect air line, air valve, fittings and general operation. Quick disconnects allow system to be installed in aircraft with removeable wings. Retaining nuts keep airline tight on air cylinders and prevent airleaks from occuring. This is a complete system! 


  • 1 instruction sheet 
  • 1 variable control valve 
  • 5 Tee fittings-nylon
  • 1 air fill valve
  • 2 quick disconnects 
  • 5ft of purple tubing 
  • 5ft of red tubing 
  • 6 retaining nuts 
  • 1 small air pressure tank

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      ROBART Standard Deluxe Air Control Kit