SIERRA ​TOP RC MODEL 93″ A6M5 Zero Fighter Retracts


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Product Description

These were custom made for us by SIERRA PRECISION for the TOP RC MODEL 93″ ZERO Model. These units will fit in the 93″ ZERO easily and support your model very well on grass or paved runways. These heavy duty main units feature scale-type Offset Struts such as found on the fullscale Warbird.


  • – Struts Preinstalled into retract main bodies.

– large Pneumatic Cylinders

REQUIRES one air kit to operate such as a SIERRA or ROBART AIR KIT with air tank, lines, fittings, air valve. Wheels not included.

  • – Main Struts feature Offset Strut with Scale-like Taper
  • – Machined Aluminum retract frame
  • – Machined Aircraft aluminum pivot block
  • – Aluminum Upper Strut with Stainless Steel Lower Oleos



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SIERRA ​TOP RC MODEL 93" A6M5 Zero Fighter Retracts