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Smokin’ Okie – Smoke Injector Nozzles (2) Pack

Smokin’ Okie LLC –  Eric Kendall Owner Operator

It all started 4 years ago when I decided I wanted a smoke system.  All of my friends said, “Don’t do it…it will destroy the covering on your airplane because of the oily mess left on the bottom”.

I sidelined the idea briefly but all the while I was thinking “There MUST be a way to improve this”.

After a lot of research in fluid dynamics, applying some physics, 2 years of trial and error and a lot of math… I finally came up with the design of the current injector.

The injector is over an inch long and made of brass, a good heat resistant thermal conducting material.  The reason…to preheat the oil in a vortex expansion chamber then eject the smoke oil at high pressure to atomize it against the hottest surface of the muffler.

The results are fantastic.  No more slimy mess and an incredible lingering smoke trail.   I have also noticed a significant reduction in smoke oil used per flight.

I have gotten to know a few of the Holy Smokes Team Pilots, and they are all running Smokin’ Okie injectors in their show birds and it is humbling to see “Earl” the Smokin’ Okie Monkey graphic on their airplanes.



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Smokin' Okie - Smoke Injector Nozzles