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The Douglas A-24 Banshee was the U.S. Army version of the U.S. Navy SBD Dauntless dive bomber with a few changes to suit the service.  With a few revisions – namely the deletion of the carrier deck arrestor equipment and replacement of Navy radio kits – the SBD was reconstituted for the Army in the new A-24 “Banshee” form. While not the complete solution for the Army, the Banshee would suffice until a proper aircraft was adopted. The initial Army mark was the SBD-3 (SBD-3A) model of the Navy as the “A-24” and the Army order was absorbed into the existing Navy order of July 1940. Army versions also replaced the solid tailwheels with pneumatic types for land-based take-offs and landings.

As with other American dive bombers of the period, the aircraft featured perforated dive brakes along its wing trailing edges to slow its drop when attacking. Self-sealing fuel tanks were a must as was armoring for self-preservation of crew and aircraft. As with the SBD before it, the Banshee used a modest machine gun armament as standard: 2 x 0.50 caliber heavy machine guns were fixed into the cowling for operation by the pilot and 1 x 0.30 caliber medium machine gun was added to a flexible mounting at the rear cockpit for protecting the vulnerable “six” of the aircraft. Like the SBD, the Banshee carried a crew of two – pilot and gunner. The aircraft’s bombload was set across three available hardpoints – one under fuselage centerline and one under each wing. A typical load was 1 x 500lb / 1,000lb bomb under centerline or 1 x 100lb bomb at each wing station.

A-24Bs were flown against the Japanese at the Gilbert Islands and these provided much better results than previously seen with the line. By the end of their service tenures, A-24s served in the training role for pilots and gunners and were further used as tow aircraft for aerial targets. The USAAF passed on some of its A-24 stock to the USMC who could make proper use a direct bombing platform in the Close Air Support (CAS) role. Foreign operators of the Banshee went on to become Chile (A-24B model, 12 examples), France (Free French Forces, as many as 50 examples), and Mexico (28).

A-24 BANSHEE NEXT GEN VQ MODEL with incredible details included with ARF assembly ease and the VQ easy to fly fun engineered into this model !    Wingspan is approx 80″ .  We recommend a 30cc or similar 2 stroke gas engine or  equivalent electric power. Has built in battery hatch for easy radio access and battery changes… Servos, Radio Gear, Engine/Motor are not included. This is the airframe only. (Pilots in photos are Bob Courtney, Tommy Huffman, and Randy Larsen).


  • Material: Laser cut balsa and ply
  • Wingspan: 80.7″ (2050 mm)
  • Length: 55.5″ (1410mm)
  • Weight: 15.0 – 15.5 lbs (6.8 – 7.0Kg)
  • Radio: 8 channel, 10 servos +1 for throttle (***see specs below)
  • Engine:  30cc gas or 1.60 glow  ***
  • Electric: 3000 Watt brushless DC motor.  (***see below)
  • Optional VQ, ROBART Electric Retracts with Scale Struts available  ***
  • Optional SIERRA Pneumatic Retracts with Scale Struts available ***



  • Pre-painted pilot and rear gunner
  • Covered with pre-printed PVC film
  • Factory Painted fiberglass cowl
  • Fixed landing gear included
  • Functional dive brakes and flaps
  • Radial engine replica cover
  • WWII Bomb (fixed)
  • Cowl hatch for fuel tank/electronics/battery access

  Recommended Electric Setup (Not Included):

  • Dualsky XM6360EA-10 218Kv motor (3081 Watt peak rating, 1694 Watts continuous)
  • Dualsky XC10036HV 100A HV ESC (130A peak)
  • Battery: 2 x 5S 35C 5000mAh lipos in series (10S)
  • 2-blade Prop: 18 x 12
  • Scale 3-blade Prop: 15.9″ to 17.9″ blades on 16D size Ramoser VarioProp hub (shown in product photos above)

***Servo Specs (Not Included):

5 Mini servos required for  flaps, and dive brakes

Max Length: 28mm / 1.12″

Max Width: 14mm .56″

Max Height: 28mm / 1.12″

Note: It is strongly suggested to run a screw or two through the servo cover into the mounting blocks for reenforecement.  Use servos with the highest torque value you can find.  Greater than 60 oz-in would be best.  It’s possible to fit high torque flat wing servos with simple modifications to the mounting blocks.

4 Standard servos are required for rudder , elevator & ailerons:

Max Length:  40mm / 1.58″

Max Width: 18.9mm / .75″

Max Height: 40mm / 1.67″

Suggested Standard Servo: Hitec 645MG

Cowl Dimensions:

  • At firewall 7-3/4″ wide x 8-1/2″ tall
  • At front 7-1/2″ wide x 7-3/4″ tall
  • 5-3/8″ Deep

Build Notes:

  • Secure the servo mounts with additional epoxy and at least one screw through the servo cover into each mounting block
  • Pin all pre-hinged surfaces (2x per side)
*** Servos, radio gear, engines/motor/batteries , retractable landing gear not included***

***photos for illustrative purposes only ***

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$449.95$549.95 (-18%)