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YOU always dreamed of owning your very own B-24 LIBERATOR… But cutting wood and building a model from plans seems daunting and the hundreds of hours to build one model seems almost impossible due to time constraints of daily life…              Well VQ WARBIRDS understands your desire to own a legend…. and now your YOUR WAIT IS OVER…

VQ WARBIRDS proudly presents the

110″ Wingspan B-24 LIBERATOR!  

Some B-24 Liberator History:

The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was designed with the high aspect-ratio Davis Wing. In combat, the wing had drawbacks as far as durability was concerned, but it increased fuel efficiency and gave the B-24 a longer range than the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.  On December 29, 2014, the Consolidated B-24 Liberator, one of the most famous bombers of World War II, turned 75 years old. More than 18,400 of this type were built, making it the most produced American wartime aircraft. It gained a distinguished war record with operations in the European, Pacific, African and Middle Eastern theaters. It followed in the footsteps of the other great American WW II bomber, the B-17. The B-24 brought about the following improvements over the   B-17:  • A longer range.  • A higher top speed. • A heavier bomb load. • Tricycle landing gear. • A quantum leap in wing design and performance

The B-24J was produced in greater numbers than any other series and was the only version produced in all five plants. In the San Diego plant, it went from producing the “D” straight to the “J.” The main difference between the D-CO and the J-CO was the addition of the Consolidated A-6A nose turret, which was almost identical to the tail turret. Other defensive armament included the Martin A-3C upper turret, Briggs A-13 ball turret and flexible 0.50 caliber machine guns at the open window waist positions. A total of 6,678 B-24Js were built.

More B-24’s were built than any other American airplane. It edged out the B-17 on most performance criteria (speed, range, bombload). It’s crewmen claimed 2,600 enemy aircraft shot down. With it’s great range, it performed anti-sub work in the Atlantic and heavy bomber support in the Pacific.

About the VQ B-24 LIBERATOR 110″

The VQ B-24 LIBERATOR 110″ model is an exciting replica of the original WWII Bomber that helped turn the tide of WWII and was loved by its crew. This amazing bomber penetrated deep into AXIS TERRITORY, delivered heavy bomb loads, shot down thousands of enemy fighters and yet managed to bring many crews home to safety thanks to it’s higher speeds and 11 machine guns on board.  VQ now proudly brings you this historic bomber in an impressive 110-inch wingspan model that results in a great flying bomber that is easy to see and manageable to fly, but because of its two-piece wing, the model breaks down to fit nicely into most vehicles.
Though not intended to be flown or built by the novice modeler, experienced modelers will find this B-24 easy to assemble and versatile enough to handle many different power systems both glow and electric.


  • – Plywood,balsa wood with some fiberglass and plastic trim-piece components
  • – Factory-covered airframe and painted cowls
  • – 2-piece wing for easy transportation
  • – Wide selection of power systems can be used
  • – Exceptional multi-engine scale warbird flying qualities
  • – Clear molded windshields/turrets
  • – Turrets can be servo operated/enabled to allow turret movement
  • – (4) Individual Scale Type B-24 Roll-Up Bomb Bay doors (modeler decides how to operate doors/method)
  • – B-24 Aluminum Scale Wheels and retractable landing gear available separately (not included)
  • -Qualifies as Giant Scale with its 110 Inch Wing Span
  • UNMARKED, Only Star/Bar Insignia are applied , Decals included for Jolly Rogers, 5th Air Force,  90th Bomb Group

Available in (3) Colors with generous decal sheets in the box to apply your favorite B-24 final markings/nose art. Please note the models do not have accent colors applied to tail or cowlings, this is to allow more versions of the B-24’s to be made.  Models are solid Olive/Gray or Silver-Aluminum with panel lines, rivets, panels applied in the film.  You may add your favorite decals to the model and add any accent colors to the model with paint or vinyl to make it your own customized bomber!  We highly recommend Callie-Graphics for vinyl graphics and she already has many B-24 graphic options for you!


  • Wing span 110.0″ (9′-2″)
  • Wing area (incl. ail. & flaps) 1192.0 sq.” (8.277sq.ft )
  • Overall length 67 5/8″
  • Height (top of fin) 17.91
  • Stabilizer span 26.0″
  • Stabilizer area 192.0 sq.” incl. elevators
  • Dorsal fin 139.0 s
  • Rudders area, incl. tabs 48.8 sq”

FLYING WEIGHT:  Demo aircraft weighs 23.37 lbs with Saito FA-40 engines, Robart Scale Landing Gear, Scale Wheels, Full bomb load, ready to fly (if you remove scale bomb load, you save 1.2 lbs)

  •  Optional  Scale (16) Piece Bomb Set painted & detailed with yellow decals already applied arrives in late February.
  • Engines ———– Four .25-.35 two-stroke or four .40 four-stroke engines such as the Saito FA-40 (Pitts-style mufflers can be used).  For electric power you may use (4) x .25-.32 electric equivalent
  • Propellers ——– 10×7 3 blade, 11×5-11×6 2 blade
  • Main wheels —– 4-1/2″ diam.
  • Nose wheel —– 3″ diam.
  • Retracts(not included)- VQ B-24 Scale Retracts and Scale Wheels custom made by ROBART; Available in electric and pneumatic versions.

R/C Control :

  • Requires a 6-8+ channel radio with 11-23 servos (see below)
  • (7-8) Functions:  Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, throttle, retracts, bomb drop, turret movement
  • If you use electric motors you don’t need the (4) throttle servos,  if making turrets functional add (1) servo per turret, if adding bomb release add (4) micro servos
  • Servos :
  •  (6) Micro servos (2) rudder & (4) throttle if using glow engines and not electric)
  • (12) Mini servos (4) turret , 4 flaps , 4 drop bombs )
  • (5) Standard size servos (2) elevators ,(2) ailerons, (1) nose gear (metal gear servo with long arm like Hitec HS-5645 MG)
  • Some nose weight will likely be required with glow engines, and up to 10-12 ounces will be required for electric configurations. However, on such a big plane, the weight is really not an issue – but as with all airplanes, the CG is important for proper flight performance.For flight controls, good-quality ball-bearing servos are recommended. Due to the extra forces on the nose gear/rudder combination, a metal gear servo is recommend for that.

* Does not include: radio gear, engines/motors , retractable landing gear, bomb ordnance, adhesives, battery packs or silicone fuel line, finishing supplies, this is airframe kit only.




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$995.00$1,195.00 (-17%)