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EME Auto Start ControllerEME Auto Start Controller
Sale price$30.00
EME Auto Start ControllerEME
EME 70 Twin AS (with Auto Start) EngineEME 70 Twin AS (with Auto Start) Engine
EME 60 AS (with Auto Start) EngineEME 60 AS (with Auto Start) Engine
RCGF 40cc Twin Stinger EngineRCGF 40cc Twin Stinger Engine
EME 60 EngineEME 60 Engine
Sale price$369.00
EME 60 EngineEME
rcgf 20cc rear exhaust engineside view of rcgf 20cc engine
RCGF 26cc RE Stinger Engineside view of RCGF 26cc RE Stinger Engine
RCGF 35cc RE StingerRCGF 35cc RE Stinger
EME 35 AS  (with Auto Start) EngineEME 35 AS  (with Auto Start) Engine
RCGF 10cc RE StingerRCGF 10cc RE Stinger
Save 9%
EME 70 Twin EngineEME 70 Twin Engine
Sale price$519.95 Regular price$569.95
EME 70 Twin EngineEME
Smokin' Okie - Smoke Injector NozzlesSmokin' Okie - Smoke Injector Nozzles
RCGF 30cc Twin Stinger EngineRCGF 30cc Twin Stinger Engine
RCGF 15cc SE Stinger EngineRCGF 15cc SE Stinger Engine
EME 35cc Auto Start Add On KitEME 35cc Auto Start Add On Kit
EME 35 EngineEME 35 Engine
Sale price$289.00
EME 35 EngineEME
RCGF 26cc SE Stinger EngineRCGF 26cc SE Stinger Engine
RCGF 20cc Twin Stinger EngineRCGF 20cc Twin Stinger Engine
Save 3%
EME 55 60 Slim Pitts MufflerEME 55 60 Slim Pitts Muffler
Sale price$245.95 Regular price$252.95
EME 55 60 Slim Pitts MufflerEME
RCGF 10cc SE Stinger EngineRCGF 10cc SE Stinger Engine
RCGF 20cc SE Stinger EngineRCGF 20cc SE Stinger Engine
Save 6%
EME/DLE 50-60cc Wrap Around Muffler
Sale price$153.95 Regular price$163.99
EME 55 60 Pitts MufflerEME
RCGF 70cc Twin Stinger EngineRCGF 70cc Twin Stinger Engine

Engines for RC Planes

In search of the perfect power source for your RC plane? You're in the right place! Explore our extensive collection of RC aircraft engines designed to take your flying experience to new heights. From 2-stroke gas engines to versatile boxer engines, singles, twins, and soon turbine jet engine options, we offer top-quality brands tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or an aspiring pilot, our diverse engine selection ensures you'll find the ideal match for your model aircraft.

Types of Engines for RC Planes

When it comes to RC aircraft engines, the world of radio control offers a diverse array of choices. The most common type is the glow plug engine, sometimes referred to as nitro or gas engines. The use of "gas" and "nitro" terminology can vary across regions, and we're here to provide clarity. Additionally, RC model engines come in two main categories: 2-stroke and 4-stroke, each with distinct characteristics. As you explore our online catalog, you'll discover the perfect engine to power your RC plane.

EME vs RCGF Stinger Engines

For those seeking exceptional performance and reliability, we're proud to offer a comparison of two top brands in the RC aircraft engine market: EME and RCGF Stinger Engines. These brands have earned their reputation for producing high-quality engines that ensure an impressive flying experience. Whether you're leaning towards EME or RCGF Stinger, we provide detailed information to help you make an informed choice for your RC plane.

Choosing The Best Engine For Your Plane

Selecting the right engine for your RC plane is an importantl decision. Our years of combined experience in the field has allowed us to be able to properly recommend the right engine match for your aircraft!. We understand that the world of RC plane engines can be daunting, so we're here to guide you through the process of making the perfect selection. Whether you're aiming for a 2-stroke gas engine, a gasoline-powered mutli-cylinder engine, or even exploring jet engines, we've got you covered.

Choosing the Best Fuel for Your Plane

RC plane enthusiasts know that the oil/fuel mix you choose can significantly impact your plane's performance. The type of oil and gas mixture used to power your gas engine is important. Mixing the right oil/fuel ensures that your engine runs smoothly, and your flights are both safe and exhilarating.

By exploring our wide selection and expert advice, you'll find the perfect engine and fuel combination for your RC plane, making your hobby not just enjoyable but a soaring success.

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