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Showing 1 - 24 of 75 products
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Art Scholl's Super Chipmunk 15cc | 63" | Seagull ModelsArt Scholl's Super Chipmunk 15cc | 63" | Seagull Models
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Savage Bobber 92" ARFSavage Bobber 92" ARF
Sale price$899.95 Regular price$999.95
Savage Bobber 92" ARFLegend Hobby
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102" Savage Shock Cub 35cc-50cc Black/Silver | Seagull Models102" Savage Shock Cub 35cc-50cc Black/Silver | Seagull Models
Gee Bee 120 | 71"Gee Bee 120 | 71"
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Gilmore Red Lion Racer 33CC Gilmore Red Lion Racer 33CC
Sale price$589.95 Regular price$639.95
Gilmore Red Lion Racer 33CC | Seagull ModelsSeagull Models
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88" Maxi Lift Utility Aircraft | Seagull Models88" Maxi Lift Utility Aircraft | Seagull Models
Sale price$475.95 Regular price$525.95
88" Maxi Lift Utility Aircraft | Seagull ModelsSeagull Models
Cessna 188 AGWagon Cessna 188 AGWagon
Rans S-20 Raven 20CCRans S-20 Raven 20CC
Van's RV-8 Diamont Di | Seagull ModelsVan's RV-8 Diamont Di | Seagull Models
Ultimate Biplane 54" (ARF) | Seagull ModelsUltimate Biplane 54" (ARF) | Seagull Models
80" Cessna 152.75-.91 | Seagull Models80" Cessna 152.75-.91 | Seagull Models
80" Christen Husky | Seagull Models80" Christen Husky | Seagull Models
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DHC-2 Turbine Beaver | Seagull ModelsDHC-2 Turbine Beaver | Seagull Models
Sale price$459.95 Regular price$529.95
DHC-2 Turbine Beaver | Seagull ModelsSeagull Models
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Bucker BU-133 Jungmeister Yellow | Seagull ModelsBucker BU-133 Jungmeister Yellow | Seagull Models
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72" De Havilland DH-60M Gipsy | Seagull Models72" De Havilland DH-60M Gipsy | Seagull Models
Sale price$489.95 Regular price$539.95
72" De Havilland DH-60M Gipsy | Seagull ModelsSeagull Models

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Civilian Models

Civilian models offer a unique opportunity to replicate real-life aircraft, from classic vintage planes to modern marvels. These aircraft represent the essence of aviation history and the joy of recreational flying. Here, we'll guide you on how to choose the perfect civilian model for your project, and we've got all the parts you could ever need to bring your dream RC civilian plane to life.

Explore the Variety of Civilian RC Models:

Civilian RC models encompass a wide range of aircraft, each with its own distinct charm:

Vintage Classics: Recreate the golden age of aviation with vintage civilian models like the Piper J-3 Cub or the iconic Cessna 172. These planes carry an aura of nostalgia and simplicity.

Sport Aerobatics: If you're after thrills and spills, consider sport aerobatic civilian models like the Extra 300S ,Edge 540, Decathlon or even a Zivko Edge. These planes are built for precision maneuvers and adrenaline-pumping stunts.

Scale Replicas: Pay tribute to aviation history with meticulously detailed scale replicas of civilian aircraft like the Grand Caravan or the iconic Cessna 152. These models are a labor of love for history buffs.

Seaplanes: Take off from water and explore new horizons with civilian seaplanes like the Turbo Beaver or the Husky on floats. These versatile planes can land on both water and solid ground.

Choosing the Right Civilian RC Model:

Selecting the ideal civilian RC model plane depends on your flying style, experience level, and personal preferences. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Experience Level: If you're new to RC flying, start with a beginner-friendly model like a high-wing trainer. Intermediate and advanced pilots can explore more complex and agile aircraft.

Intended Use: Consider what you want to do with your RC plane. Are you into casual cruising, aerobatics, or realistic scale flights? Different models are designed for different purposes.

Size and Space: Take into account where you plan to fly. Smaller models are suitable for parks and smaller fields, while larger planes require more space.

Complete Your RC Civilian Model Project:

Building your RC civilian model is a fulfilling journey, and we've got all the parts and accessories to make it a breeze. From power systems and landing gear, servos, and electronics, our inventory has you covered. Plus, you can find an array of finishing scale details to make your model truly stand out.

Ready to Begin Your Adventure?

Whether you're an experienced pilot or a newbie to the RC world, exploring civilian model planes is a thrilling endeavor. Find your perfect match, gather the necessary parts, and embark on a journey through the skies that combines your love for aviation with the joy of RC flying. Start your journey today and elevate your RC experience to new heights!