TAIGEN 1/16 Jagdpanther Metal Edition AirSoft BB


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TAIGEN 1/16 Jagdpanther Metal Edition Airsoft BB

The Jagdpanther Metal Edition is available is available as an airsoft only model and is RTR out of the box. The TAG13025 tanks feature a three tone camo paint scheme. This Jagdpanther tank comes with a metal chassis, metal drive wheels, metal idler wheels, metal road wheels with rubber tires, metal suspension arms with a torsion bar chassis, metal caterpillar tracks, metal gun barrel, LED headlight, metal tow hooks, and steel V1 gearboxes (Steel, 3:1, M/L, 58mm). This tank also comes with an accessory kit, 2000mAh NIMH battery and charger, a smoke unit, LED machine gun, speaker, recoil, our newest V3 electronics, and 2.4 GHz V2 transmitter.

Since this model uses our V3 electronics you can also use your own 6 channel PWM capable hobby grade transmitter and receiver with this tank. Just follow the instructions in the manual on how to setup! Most brands are compatible, (Spektrum make sure you use a 5V receiver!). TBS Crossfire, FRSky, FlySky, Futaba, JR, etc have all be reported working perfect with minimal to no setup.

Features: Includes:
Gearboxes – V1 Steel (3:1, Mid/Low, 48mm) 1/16th Scale Taigen Tank
Firing Unit Types – Airsoft Only 2.4GHz Transmitter
Turret – N/A V3 Taigen Electronics
Upper Hull – Plastic w/ Metal Barrel 7.2V 2000mAh NIMH Battery
Lower Chassis – Metal & Plastic Tub 7.2V Wall Charger
Drive & Idler Wheels – Metal Accessory Kit w/ Smoke Fluid
Road Wheels – Metal w/ Rubber Tires Approximate Size: 24×8.3×6.7″/61x21x17cm
Caterpillar Tracks – Metal Approximate Weight: 11.6lbs/5.3kgs
LEDs – Upper Hull MG & Headlight x1 x100 6mm Airsoft BBs (Airsoft Only)
Suspension – Metal w/ Torsion Bars


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TAIGEN 1/16 Jagdpanther Metal Edition AirSoft BB